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How to Draw a Werewolf Face, Head, Eyes

Artist: Dawn / December 22, 2008
How to Draw a Werewolf Face, Head, Eyes

Step 1.

In this first step you will start by drawing out the guidelines and shapes for the werewolf. First draw three circle shapes for the head and then add the facial guidelines. You will then add the short straight lines for the ears and then the shape of   

Step 2.

In this next step you will draw out the shapes of the eyes on all four points of view. Then you will thicken the shapes of the ears and then add the circle shape for the nose. Once that is done you will draw out the opening of the mouths and then the   

Step 3.

Well you have just made it to the third step and what you will be doing here is sketching out the fur outline for the back shoulders and then add some detail and define to the bridge of the noses and the start adding some teeth. Once that is done yo   

Step 4.

In this fourth step you will start sketching in a lot of the details and definition of the werewolf's face and body. Once you have sketched out the fur definition you can start drawing out the arm and claw as well as the sharp teeth and fangs.

Step 5.

This is your last drawing step and what you will do here is just sketch in some last minute detailing and definition. The first thing you want to do is finish off the eyes in the upper left corner and then add the rest of the fur detailing lines for    

Step 6.

Well once your drawing of this werewolf is complete you should end up with a drawing like the one above. All you have to do now is color in your drawing and you are done. I hope you liked this lesson on how to draw a werewolf face, head, and eyes ste   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 22, 2008
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Description: Hello DragoArt members and visitors! I wanted to give you all a special treat today by making a tutorial on how to draw a werewolf face and heads! As you all know werewolves are like the most awesome horror creatures ever! Most people have difficulties when drawing werewolf heads and faces at three different points of views. The easiest way to draw a werewolf head is from the side. I know I had the same probable with drawing faces from the ¾ and front view. Nowadays it’s a very easy aspect for me. I want to teach all those people out there that have these angle problems. The werewolf faces we will be drawing are very easy. I will break down the three different views with these step by step instructions. There are two views on how to draw werewolf eyes too. I know most people will have an awesome experience learning how to draw these awesome horrifying beasts! I spent quite a while on these drawings. Then after that I had to color the fur on the creature. I swear to god I colored like three different versions of the fur because I just couldn’t get the colors right. I used the color scheme of the werewolf that is featured in Van Helsing movie. My sister and brother were like watching me draw and color them. They were all like “Holy crap dawn, they look like the wolves from Van Helsing!” I’m looking at them saying “Oh yeah” Well I hope you will enjoy this tutorial. I spent many hours on making this tutorial the best of the best! Have a happy learning experience.