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How to draw a Unicorn

Artist: Hurry_up7 / April 16, 2012
How to draw a Unicorn

Step 1.

Draw in the guides using simple circles and lines.

Step 2.

Then do the shape of the muzzle and neck.

Step 3.

Now draw the chest, two front legs and hooves.

Step 4.

Continue by creating the tummy, hind legs and hooves by following the construction lines

Step 5.

Draw the famous horn, and streaming mane of hair.

Step 6.

Almost done. Make the back and long tail :D

Step 7.

Draw in the face, mouth, ear and nostril.

Step 8.

Complete the drawing by erasing the guides and perfecting proportions. :) You're finished!

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Artist: Hurry_up7
Date Added: April 16, 2012
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Description: Unicorns!!!!!!!!!!!