How to Draw a Tribal Triquetra


Start with an pointed oval shape like so.


You will now draw two fin shapes at the base of the shape and then proceed to step three.


In the center of the knot, draw a large heart.


Begin drawing the top of knot shape which should be thick and colored in. As I said these shapes will be drawn in sections.


You will now draw the rounded shapes on each side of the knot and you can proceed to step six.


Up next, draw two more shapes on the ends of the knot. This should be almost shaped like spear heads.


Add a bottom to the knot which is shaped like the end of a heart point. Add another thick strip inside the tribal design.


And lastly, draw in the remaining strips like so. They are short, curved and thick. Erase the visible guidelines and you are done here.


Here is the Trinity knot when complete. You don't have to color it in black, any shade you like will do.

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November 2, 2014

Description: Yes, this does look like a tut I did in the past and that's because it's basically the same thing. Up next we will learn how to draw a tribal design of the Triquetra knot which is an Irish Trinity knot. The design concept will be broken down in pieces instead of drawing whole sections. You might want to make some time for this lesson because it can get confusing of you are not one to draw knots in a simple manner. I will be back, that is all I have to say about this tutorial. So enjoy and look out for more cool tuts coming your way.

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