How to Draw a Tribal Grim Reaper


We will begin by making the shape of the skeletons face. The Grim Reaper is of no skin, just bones.


Once the skeletal face is drawn you can draw the large shapes of the eyes. Add some darkness under the eyes to showcase the expression. You will then end this step by sketching brow bones.


Draw the nasal cavity, then draw the teeth for the upper jaw or mandible.


When you draw the bottom jaw be sure to not attach it to the face. Since this is tribal art, there should be gaps here and there. When the jaw is drawn, add some teeth.


Now you can draw one part of the hood opening from the cloak that Grim Reapers wear. The opening just frames out the face.


Now you can draw the rest of the hood. This will be attached to the cloak.


Finish everything off by drawing the shoulders and some of the torso. Add some gaps to the shoulders, and you are done. Erase whatever mistakes you made then you are finished.


Here is the line art for your tribal Grim Reaper. Color him in if you like.

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October 16, 2014

Description: Another popular face for the Halloween season is the Grim Reaper. This tutorial is going to show you in a very basic way how to draw a tribal version of the Grim Reaper. I tried to make this tut as simple as possible and you will see that the line art doesn't end up looking like tribal art and that's because you need to color in the drawing first so all the white gaps are seen mixed with the dark coloring. Anyways, have fun. I know I have drawn Grim Reapers in the past so this one is just another to add to the sketch books. Enjoy and peace out!

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