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How To Draw a Tie Dye Pony,Tie Dye Pony

Artist: minun_pokemon / May 26, 2013
How To Draw a Tie Dye Pony,Tie Dye Pony

Step 1.

First off,let's start off with some simple guidelines.

Step 2.

Next,draw the ear,and the muzzle of your pony.

Step 3.

Now,draw an oval like shape,below and to the right of your pony's head,next draw the line for the chest that links onto the left curving side of the oval.

Step 4.

Then,draw in the back,which lines up with the top of the oval guideline,then draw the back left leg and hoof,and don't forget the indent that lies between the hindquarters,and where the leg offically starts at,also,don't foget to add in the line belo   

Step 5.

Now,draw the stomach,which lines up with the oval guideline,and the front left hoof,which curves to the left.

Step 6.

Next,start to draw the eye,then change the muzzle style,if you want to,like I did.

Step 7.

After that,draw the mane and tail,which curve in and spike at the tips.

Step 8.

Then,add in your markings in the mane,which will represent the highlights that lie in her mane and tail.

Step 9.

Lastly,add colour,and you,have just learned how to draw a more tie dye fashioned pony! :D

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Artist: minun_pokemon
Date Added: May 26, 2013
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Description: Hi there everyone! I am back,after a long period of not uploading a tutorial,I am still working on a request,one that I have to get perfect,or else I will start all over again. But yet,I took a break from that,and drew a pony! Well,I tried out a new design,that I hope you all will like or love,but please leave comments below,and/or love it,or favourite it please, well, peace out Drago Artists!