How to Draw a Terran

Artist: Glaiceana / February 26, 2018

Step 1.

First sketch out the basic shape and outline of the Terran. Use several reference images to get the pose you want. I chose a basic front view pose for this tutorial. Use your pencil only lightly here, and use simple shapes to get the form you want on   

Step 2.

Now start to place in more solid lines. These lines are going to be the outline, and are now defining the Marines body and armour. Try to draw these lines in bold strokes. The red shows how the lines are emphasised. The shoulders are an important fea   

Step 3.

Once you have drawn all the lines of the armour, you can begin to add in other line details. Define the joints in the armour and the lines that connect the metal. Remember, you can draw your marine to look as close to the game ones as you would like,   

Step 4.

Continue to shade in the dark areas. Also, start to do lighter shading on other area, blending them out from darker to lighter. Drawings look best when the have a range of shades, from very dark to very light, it gives them depth, so keep this in min   

Step 5.

Attention to detail really pays off in the end, don’t be afraid to spend as much time on getting the shading right, just take your time. Continue to darken the shading in certain areas. Also, place in some highlights, using an eraser, and this will   

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Artist: Glaiceana
Date Added: February 26, 2018
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Description: This tutorial will show you "<em><strong>how to draw a Terran Marine from Starcraft</em></strong>", step by step. I will go over simple techniques on how to produce a finished pencil drawing. The steps work from starting with basic construction lines, then to detail lines and finally on shading. Looking at reference images will greatly help you through this tutorial. I believe this is an intermediate level tutorial, but beginners can follow it for practice to help their techniques. I would suggest using only B pencils, 3B and 5B would be best, and a HB for the light construction lines. Also have an eraser, the softer the better, and some Tortilion, or tissue paper if you have none.