How to Draw a Spirit Fox


Let's get started. The steps for these spirit animals all start the same. Guidelines and shapes.


Using the head guide go ahead and draw the shape of the fox's face.


Draw in the snout or muzzle and make sure to sketch in the detailing in a snarling manner.


Sketch in the formation and wrinkling around the face and eyes. Draw out the eyes, add shading to and around the eyes and then draw in the teeth and color in the hollow inside the mouth. Before leaving this step you will draw in the whiskers too.


Here you will draw the base of the headdress and then draw in the submissive or guarded form of the ears.


Go ahead and draw the oblong shapes for each bone that is used as a base for the headdress.


Go ahead and draw out the feathers to the headdress like so. Take your time and be sure to add definition to each feather.


Before adding the last details, erase the mistakes and any visible guides.


You are ready to color in this spirit fox. I hope you liked the lesson, go ahead and color it in.

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May 13, 2020

Description: Here it is. The lesson I said was one of my favorites of the spirit animals. Today you will learn how to draw a spirit fox, step by step. I had so much fun creating this spirit animal and I really think that all of you will too. So grab your drawing objects of choice and get ready to tackle drawing a spirit fox. I will be back with more so don't go anywhere.

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