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How to Draw a Spiral Tattoo

Artist: Dawn / February 21, 2015
How to Draw a Spiral Tattoo

Step 1.

Start with a simple swirl like so.

Step 2.

We will thicken the shape of the spiral starting with the inside and going out. When that is done add layers of smaller half spiral lines.

Step 3.

Cup the right side by drawing the spiral circled around the right side like so.

Step 4.

Choose your design and begin coloring in the concept.

Step 5.

When all is done you should have a drawing that looks similar to the one you see here.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 21, 2015
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Description: I have another tattoo design pattern that I made yesterday. It's just a basic spiril which can make a nice tattoo for an elbow, shoulder, or calf. The whole drawing took me about thirty minutes to complete, but the idea is what took me the longest. Anyways, having said that, here is a tut on how to draw a spiral tattoo, step by step. I have never made a drawing tattoo like this before so it should be pretty interesting to tackle. When I said I have more lessons coming your way, I still do so try and stay put to see what they are.