How to Draw a Sparrows Tattoo


Begin by making the guide shapes for your birds. Make the wing guides too.


Start with one bird in this step. Draw the head shape and then the side profile which only shows the side view of the beak and body.


Okay, you will now draw the outline for the second sparrow like so.


We will now begin drawing the sparrow's wing and tail feathers like so. When that is done you can proceed to step five.


Do the same exact thing you did with the first bird you drew, then proceed to step six. When this step is done you should have two almost finished sparrows.


Okay folks, time to draw in the face for life. Make the lining for the beak, then color in the eye. Add some scruffy feathers scattered on the body as well.


For the second sparrow or death sparrow, begin drawing in the skeletal bones to form the body and face.


Draw in the other wing for the death sparrow, then move along to step nine.


We will completely finish the birds when the other wing is drawn in. Add some feather ruffles before leaving step nine.


This is going to be a tedious step because you have to draw in the wing bones for the death sparrow. You might want to erase the guidelines and shapes you made in step one before you do this task.


Finally draw in a small heart between the two birds.


Here is the finished line art once you are done. Now you can have a blast as you color in your new drawing on two sparrows.

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June 17, 2014

Description: Okay everyone, today is a real exciting day because I have so many awesome lessons to share with you and so far I uploaded five of them. Next, I will take you on a journey to both life and death with this lesson on "how to draw a sparrows tattoo", step by step. Sparrows are among the popular list as being one of the more popular bird species to get inked on your skin. To make things interesting I wanted to do something different. Here is my take on both life and death in love. The heart in the center of the two birds is supposed to represent the love shared between the two sparrows. The sparrow that is all bones is death, and the white feathery sparrow is life. If you notice the white bird has a hollowed out eye and this is because it is in love with death and vise verse with the dead sparrow. So I hope you all have fun. I will be back with more lessons so be sure to stick around.

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