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How to Draw a Simple Rose

Artist: Dawn / December 31, 2009
How to Draw a Simple Rose

Step 1.

Let's start drawing a rose the simple way shall we? First, start with an egg shaped circle, and then draw another a perfect circle around that shape. You will then draw an odd shaped circle for the bottom part of the roses guidelines. Lastly, add two   

Step 2.

You will now start sketching out the inner parts of the rose starting with a small swirl design. The more a rose is in bloom, the wider and more open the pedals will be.

Step 3.

Keep sketching out rose pedals that you see here. Before you start sketching the pedals that are further away from the center of the rose, draw the rose pedals in the center instead. Once that is done you can draw out the outer pedals.

Step 4.

Just keep going in a circle when drawing out the rose pedals for your simple rose. There shoulf be three more pedals that you draw out in this step.

Step 5.

You are already done drawing the flower itself after you sketch out the bottom pedals you see here. Notice that the bottom pedals over lap each other. That is exactly how roses look when in bloom.

Step 6.

All you have to do here is draw out the roses stem, thorns, and stem leaves. Once that is done you can add some detailing and definition like you see here. Lastly erase all the guidleines and shapes that you drew in step one.

Step 7.

Here you have your finished drawing of "how to draw a simple, rose step by step". Now you can choose a color to shade in your rose with. I hope you guys had fun, but more importantly, I hope you learned something new with this tutorial.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 31, 2009
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Description: Flowers are some of the most prettiest things to draw when sketching out plants. I have always been fond of the rose and if you look at some of my tattoo art you can see what I mean. I know that many people love these beautiful flowers, and even more people love drawing them out. The only problem is, drawing roses is one of the more complicated flowers to draw, which then leads to people drawing something else. What is it that makes these flowers so hard to draw? I think it's because roses have so many different layers, and their layers all look different. Now, because I know how complex this plant can be to replicate, I've decided to do a lesson that teaches you “how to draw a simple rose, step by step”. I do have a tutorial already on a rose, and I talk about their meaning when it comes to choosing a particular color to give as a gift for a loved one or friend. Instead of me drawing a delicate looking flower, I wanted to draw a bold looking rose so that drawing it would be a bit easier for the artist. Let's face it, drawing dainty things can be frustrating because they are drawn small, or frail looking making it hard to get lines right and shapes correct. All in all I do think that this will be a helpful lesson, and hopefully you will learn “how to draw a simple rose”, easily. As you know I will be back, have fun with this tutorial. When your done, choose a color for your rose to express how you are feeling right now, or give the drawing to someone you care about. Adios people!