How to Draw a Simple Fish

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Draw a circle for the entire shape of the fish's body, and then draw a horizontal line across the shape.


Here you will draw out the entire shape of the fish's body including the mouth, and tail fin. Once that is done your drawing should come out looking like a spade.


Draw the face mask lining which includes the flipper, and then draw the outlined shape of the dorsal fin.


Draw out and fill in the fish eye, and then add some detailing to the fins like you see here. Erase all the shapes and lines you drew in step one.


Now that you're done, you should have an awesome finished drawing on a simple fish. I hope you had fun coloring in your fish.

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June 7, 2010

Description: How about a really easy lesson on another animal that lives in the sea, instead of on the land. When you think about how many different types of animals there are in existence, it almost seems surreal. What I mean by that is, just the fact that there is hundreds of different species that live in the seas, and even more thousands that live on land, can make you pretty dizzy. Thinking of new animals to draw can sometime put you in a bind because choosing something different, can also mean that you are trying to challenge your abilities as an artist. Instead of thinking about of an extravagant animal, I decided that making a tutorial on "how to draw a simple fish", would be something that everyone can enjoy. I realize that this lesson may not get too many views, and that's fine. I just want to put this tutorial out there so everyone, can have a chance drawing a fish in a simple fashion. One of my favorite fishes is the kissing fish. These beautiful specimens are elegant, and graceful when you watch them in the water swimming around. Anyway, In general you should have a bit of fun when you "draw a simple fish" because it's always nice to actually know how to draw something once in a while. I mean, I know I have a lot of hard lessons, but if you're not going to try and draw something you like, how are you going to get experience in drawing something exciting? Start off simple, and go for the throat after that. Just grab your desires by the hand, and walk with it day by day. Sooner or later, the love you develop for new things, whines up being a part of you for the rest of your life. I will now depart because there is still three more tutorials that I have to submit. See you guys again very soon. Peace out, and happy drawing!

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