How to Draw a She-Devil

Artist: Dawn / August 9, 2008

Step 1.

Okay in this first step you will draw out the guidelines and shapes that will form the frame for the she-devil. Start by drawing an egg shaped circle for her head with the facial guidelines drawn in. Next make the guidelines for the horns and bun of    

Step 2.

In this next step you will start detailing and adding her facial expression and the lining for her hair as well as shaping out the arms and legs. But before you do that make the shape of the bun of hair which is wavy. Next continue to work on her hai   

Step 3.

Now staying focused on her hair continue to draw out the detail lines to create the look and feel of long shinny hair. You will also need to shape out the thick curled in horns and draw her ears as well. Move to her arm band and start detailing and d   

Step 4.

Instead of focusing on the top of the image in this step you will work on the lower part of her body. First draw a strap going across her torso as shown. Then draw out the outline of her long ruffled dress until it touches the floor. Now you will com   

Step 5.

Next you will move back up the image and start working on her headband and drawing in more details on her face like her eyebrows and eyelashes. The right ear needs to be detailed a bit more as well. You will now work on the breast plate and sketch in   

Step 6.

What you will be doing here is detailing the top of her head which includes her hair and the two sticks that are wedged in. Next detail her eyes and ears some more as well as her neck. You will now draw in the criss cross lines to make the arm stocki   

Step 7.

All you will do here is first erase any visible guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one. Next draw out the shape of the devilish tail and detail it as well. Next draw out the braid of hair that sits near her left foot. Clean up your sketch an   

Step 8.

This is what your finished image should look like when you are done. Yeah the steps were long but you tackled the task in the end. All you have to do is color her in. That ends this tutorial on how to draw a she-devil step by step I will see you all    

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: August 9, 2008
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Description: Hello my fellow artist and friends alike. Let me take a moment and welcome myself back to this fantastic site called The reason for my long departure is because the site was being updated so that we could handle the amount of traffic that was coming here every day. Many of you may have experienced delayed page loading and many of you also may have received error messages which made it seem like the pages were lost or not available. But I have good news; you will no longer experience those annoying problems that you have in the past. I will also like to say that the site will soon be looking a lot different as it under goes a face lift. So having said all that I am pleased to say that today I will be uploading three tutorials. The first tutorial which is this one I will be showing you all how to draw right now, is a She-Devil. Now She-Devils have been a part of myth and legend for some time now. They are supposed to be a female version of a devil. Like the devil they taunt people endlessly to sin and give in to their wicked behavior and ways. But unlike the devil, these female beings tend to lean on tormenting males and seeking revenge on females. The typical She-Devil looks like a regular voluptuous woman. The only difference is they have a set of horns and a tail. In their true form they have red tinted skin and a set of fangs and black lips. As always I like to make my very own version of what I think a She-Devil should look like and this is what you see before you now. Like other typical she-devils, my version has horns, and a tail. But unlike the typical she-devil, my version has a pair of devilish legs and feet. I drew her hair in a way that I thought would be cool. Her overall image is supposed to look like an elven/human type of she-devil. I hope you all love this tutorial the way I do. I thought she came out awesome; the only problem with the final drawing is after it was colored, I noticed some minor mistakes. I would have fixed them but I felt too lazy, so maybe you can pick up on the mistakes and add your own personal touch to her. So that is all I have to say for now, now you can start your free online lesson on how to draw a She-Devil step by step with easy to follow instructions. Peace out people and I will see you all soon.