How to Draw Yoshi

Artist: Dawn / March 18, 2011

Step 1.

In this first step you will be drawing out the basic guidelines and shapes to form a bubbly creation of Yoshi's body. Start with a big circle for the shape of his big nose then another smaller circle for the shape of his eyes. Next you will be adding   

Step 2.

Now here you will draw the shape of his eyes by outlining the inner circles.

Step 3.

This step, you'll be drawing the outer shape of the eyes and the large bubbly snout. Keep it in tune with the guidelines!

Step 4.

Next, start off by giving the little guy some eye balls and pupils. Then, add the nostrils to complete his nose.

Step 5.

Finish his face by adding the right side of his cheek. Not so hard, huh?

Step 6.

Next start shaping and drawing out the hands and arms. This tutorial on Yoshi is very simple and well understandable even if there was nothing to say. he lines in the step actually speak for themselves. After you are done completing this step. move t   

Step 7.

Then, work on the legs so we can proceed onto drawing his boots (which will take some work to get right).

Step 8.

To complete the full effect of Yoshi-san, let's finish his boots! Start by drawing the upper part and move onwards to the core. This is a helpful tip that applies to anything! Notice how we draw Yoshi from top to bottom.

Step 9.

This step is where you will be drawing out one of Yoshi's characteristics that makes him who he is today. Now you are ready to draw out his dinosaur spikes.

Step 10.

Your finished drawing should come out looking like the one you see before you now. That was a real easy and fun tutorial to do wasn't it? Anyways I hope you all learned something here today with this tutorial on how to draw Yoshi step by step.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: This tutorial today on DragoArt is going to be on yet another video game character from the Mario Bros series. This character is adored by all and disliked by none. His green stubby body and the way he sticks his tongue out at you, really makes you fall in love with this little guy. So, in today’s tutorial I will be showing you "how to draw Yoshi", step by step and as you know he/she is from many of the Mario Bros games including a couple of self titled games staring Yoshi. As you know in the game Mario World, Mario is introduced to this creature that looks like half a dinosaur and half a dragon. The fact is, the Nintendo designing team wanted Mario to have some sort of transportation and they wanted that transportation to be a dinosaur. Yoshi wears a red saddle, and a pair of working boots. Not only did Mario first meet Yoshi in Super Mario World, it was Yoshi’s big debut day as well. That game was either going to make or break the new concept for this young green dinosaur. As luck would have it, the public fell head over heels for Nintendo’s new video game character. Yoshi made it big, so big in fact he eventually came out with his very own game called Yoshi’s Island which was actually supposed to be the prequel to Super Mario World. The whole concept of Yoshi’s Island was to enable the player to have complete control over Yoshi. His job was to keep baby Mario safe and protect him from all the harmful dangers that always seem to trail Mario whether he's an adult or just a small infant in a diaper. After the release of Yoshi’s island the Nintendo 64 came out with Yoshi’s Story, and then Yoshi’s Universal Gravitation for the Game Boy Advance. I bet your thinking that this amazing creature can’t be the last of his kind, and you’re right he’s not. Yoshi has many brethren that come in a wide variety of colors ranging from red to pink and from purple to turquoise. Each different colored Yoshi is equipped with different power abilities. I hope you enjoy this tutorial on "how to draw Yoshi", step by step. I always loved Yoshi since the first time my hands were able to play this green character. So it is now your turns to draw this lovable character form the Nintendo game company. See you all very soon.