How to Draw a Quail

Artist: Dawn / October 31, 2010

Step 1.

Ok, start off with drawing the basic foundation for your Quail. I would recommend drawing the large body base which is the circle. Then, draw a smaller circle above the head with a few lines connecting the head with the base body. Lastly, draw the li   

Step 2.

Then, draw the outer frame for the body. Start by drawing the frame for the head first and work you way down to the tail feathers. Remember to take your time during this drawing period in order to come out with satisfying results.

Step 3.

Lastly, add the limbs and facial details. Take your time to evaluate where to place the details correctly. Don't draw the curled feather to long and too curvy, otherwise you'll end up with a strange looking bird from another world!

Step 4.

Here is what your final drawing should resemble! If you're not completely satisfied with your drawing, retry the tutorial. Thanks so much for viewing this lesson! I really hope it has taught you something useful :) Peace out and good luck!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 31, 2010
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Description: Ok guys, here’s another lesson for all you folks that love birds very much! I did this lesson yesterday and had fun learning the details of Quails. I live in an area where there are tons of these birds and Partridges. In this helpful lesson, you’ll be learning “how to draw a Quail”, step by step. These birds have been hunted for a very long time. They kinda remind me Bugs Bunny with Daffy Duck together. The coloring was one of my favorite parts of the entire drawing. It was pretty cool to design. If you want to master drawing Quails, you’ll be needing time and patience for the base body and head of the bird. They have large pudgy bodies with small heads. Another noticeable thing about Quails is that they have a feather curled from the top of their heads. This feather is usually colored the same tone as their base body color (which is a dark muted brown). Anyways, I hope this lesson will give you a few helpful tips to “draw a Quail”, step by step. The overall drawing took me a short time to complete but it was definitely a fun experience. I hope that you will have fun with drawing this very tasty bird. It’s also a bird known to be celebrated along the Christmas season. Well peeps, I have to go now and submit more lessons! Thanks so much for viewing and have fun! Don’t forget to leave some feedback on how you did :)