How to Draw a Pike

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This fish is drawn in an action position as you can see from the finished colored in drawing. To start draw a small circle for the head and then add the guidelines for the mouth and or jaw. You will then draw out the banana shaped body outline and th   


You will now start sketching out the shape of it's long narrow shaped jaw like you see here. Once that is done you can go ahead and sketch in some detailing lines to define the texture of the fish.


Take your time while sketching out the rest of the pike's head which includes the jaw cheek, and eye. Color in a pupil, and then detail the surface of the pike well defined upper and lower jaw structure. Next, draw the shape of the pelvic fins before   


You will now draw the actual shape of the pike's body. When you get to the back of the fish's body, draw the outlined shape of the dorsal fin. Proceed to the next drawing step.


Look inside of the fish's mouth what do you see? A set of razor sharp teeth is right. Draw every tooth until you fill the mouth. Next add the detailed lining on the pelvic fins, and then draw out the tail fin, and anal fins. Add the lining detail to    


For your last drawing step you will carefully draw out the bar like spots that cover their bodies as you see here. But before you do that it would be a good idea that you erase the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.


Now you have a completed drawing of a northern pike, pickerel, jack, or pike. Color it in an olive green and your all done. This was a fun lesson, join me again for another drawing installment.

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February 24, 2010

Description: That tuna was pretty sweet right? Drawing fish can sometimes be so relaxing because fish, have a natural soothing quality to their appearance. For the second lesson of the day, I will show you “how to draw a pike”, step by step. These fish are also known as pickerel, northern pike, and jacks. This specie of fish has a look almost like no other. They have long, strong, plier like jaws with sharp razor teeth, and their bodies are long, narrow and slithery looking. Unlike the tuna, pike are found in fresh water lakes, streams and rivers. For a while fisherman labeled pike as being an annoyance because it would eat up the salmon and trout that are found in streams and lakes. Gamekeepers would catch pickerel, and then kill them because part of a pikes diet consists of ducks and other birds. What makes this fish such an awesome hunter? It's dark green coloring and excellent sight. Because the color if this fish species is almost like a camouflage green, they hide easily in the weeds at the bottom of lakes and rivers. When they are hiding to feed, they are able to zone in on prey when they are fifty feet away. One of the cool things about this water animal is that even though they are considered to be fierce predators, they prefer to live in calm, slow moving deep waters. Normally male animals are always bigger then females right? Well not in this case. Male pike only grow to be less then five feet long, and weigh less then eleven pounds. The females on the other hand grow to be five feet long and up to fifty five pounds. I guess you could say that pike eat anything when it comes to their diet. There is one fish that that they won't eat though and that is the “sticklebacks”. The reason being? Because they have sharp spines that make it difficult for a pike to swallow whole. I personally never went fishing for pike, and to be honest I probably never will. I'm more of a saltwater fisherman during the summer months and I think it's because the game is bigger, and have a better taste. You know what else is fun, learning "how to draw a pike", and then coloring it in. That will do it for this tutorial description, I still have two more to upload so try and stay on to which species they are. Have fun gang, and happy drawing!

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