How to Draw a Tuna

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The tuna has a torpedo shaped body, so that is what you will draw first. The best way to get the shape of the fish's body right is to draw a teardrop from the side. Add an inner circle inside of the shape, and then draw the sharp arched tail fin line   


You will now utilize the guidelines you drew in step one to draw out the actual shape of the tuna's body form including the mouth. Add the slightly curled indent that will be part of the fish's head.


All you will start doing here is adding all the fins like the dorsal fin, the shape of the tail fin, pectoral fins, anal, fin, and so on and so forth. Once the fish's are drawn, you can proceed to the next step.


Now you are drawing a blackfin tuna, which means you have to draw the sort of wavy marking line that is on the top part of the fish's body as you see here. The line should start at the tip of the upper mouth, and then move all the way down to the tai   


To finish off your tuna all you have to do is add some definition and detailing to the head of the fish like the gill line, and then draw in the strips on each fin. The ends of the fish's body have what you call "finettes". These are small spin like    


Now that you are done, you will end up with a drawing like you see here. All you need to do now is color it in. This was a fin tutorial on "how to draw a tuna". Join me next time for another colorful, fun fill lesson, only here on!

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February 24, 2010

Description: It starting to smell fishy around these parts! I think that's because I will be submitting tutorials on four different types of fish. For the first lesson, you will get a detailed, and neatly drawn tutorial that will teach you “how to draw a tuna", step by step. The tuna has got to be one of the most popular, and hunted fishes in the sea. The drawing that I submitted is of the black fined tuna, and it is truly a remarkable specimen. But if you was to ask me what type of fish is the most sought after, I would have to say the bluefin tuna. This fish has got to be one of the prettiest colored animals in the sea. They have torpedo shaped bodies, that enable them to swim like speeding train. Their build is also made for endurance and strength. Another thing that helps aid the tuna from getting into sticky jams is it's color of metallic blue, and shining silver. If you where to look in the ocean where these fish swim, it would be a bot difficult pin pointing their position. That is why fishing boats are equipped with devices that aid the fisherman to catch tuna. Did you know that the tuna is among one of the biggest species swimming in the ocean? It's true, they can get to be almost seven feet long and weigh about five hundred and fifty pounds. The blackfin tuna that you will draw only gets to be as big as forty eight pounds, which is not back if you are a hand and pole fisherman. Try reeling in a five hundred pound fish, you better believe it will be an awesome fight, as well as an incredible struggle. Another rarity that the bluefin tuna holds, is that it is a warm blooded species. That is not a common trait for fish to have. They can swim during a fishing fight of up to forty five miles per hour, which is why sports fisherman enjoy hooking these fish when they are out at sea. I think you will enjoy this tutorial that shows you how to draw a tuna, step by step. The instructions make the lesson easy to follow, and simple to replicate. I will be back with three more sea creatures in a moment, in the mean time have fun, and try and keep your poles, (pencils), in your hands. Peace people!

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