How to Draw a Person

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Start this step to draw your people by drawing the circle shapes for the heads. You will then draw the bodies lines of position as you see here which will basically be a frame drawn in the same that your character people will be in.


Start this step by sketching out the shape of the two faces and then sketching out the beginning lining for their hairstyles. Once that is complete you will use the facial guidelines that you drew in step one to draw their eyes. Lastly draw the outli   


Okay, draw in the eyeballs and pupils and then sketch in the eyebrows, noses, and mouths for the two people you see here. Next add some detail to the necks and then finish drawing out the arms and torso area. For the girl you will need to draw the bu   


Okay, draw some stretched crease lines on her shirt in between her breast and then sketch out the right hip. You will continue onto draw the left leg and foot, and partial leg on the right. For the dude you see here you will finish sketching out his    


Well, you made it to the last drawing step. What You will now do is draw the remaining part of the girl's leg and foot and then draw the muscular legs feet, and sandals for the male model you see here. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you dre   


That is it guys, you have just learned "how to draw a person step by step". You have a female person and a male person to choose from when you tackle this lesson. Color in their clothes and that is it.

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October 13, 2009

Description: Another cool character drawing that one should know how to do is a person. Yes, that is right. Learning "how to draw a person" is something that is one of the more popular things to learn how draw. I mean think about it, all your favorite human based animation or real life characters are people. Drawing people is the same thing as drawing a person. The difference is, sometimes learning how to draw a person can be easy, and teaching yourself to draw people may be a bit more complex. Do you know why? Because when you draw a person you are drawing one individual making the lesson easier right? Drawing people, is a bit more complex because you are drawing more than one person. I decided that I would draw a man and a woman. I did this because the female artists on the site can tackle the girl, and the male artists on the site can draw the boy. I think they both came out looking pretty cool, and I also think that you guys will love learning from this tutorial too. The female has blonde hair and a very pretty face. The male is very muscular and has spiky hair and an aggravated look on his face. I think it’s because the blonde next to him is really annoying him with her girlyness. Whether you want to draw people, a person, kids, or even a crowd, the main thing you would need to learn to draw them all is a lesson on “how to draw a person step by step,”. Just drawing one single person, will enable you to draw a group of people. I remember when I couldn’t draw people of any kind in the past. All I did was keep practicing and eventually I became better that I would have ever expected. Now when I draw people, I have a lot of fun because I can draw them with different hair styles and clothes, and I can even give their faces some cool expression to convey what they are thinking. Well, I have to bounce out of here for now, but I will leave you with this submission. Peace out guys and happy drawing!

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