How to Draw a Pencil

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Drawing a pencil is going to be easy, but it also may be useful for you to have a ruler on hand so you can draw straight lines. Start by drawing the flat looking shape of the pencil's structure as you see here and be sure to point out the tip.


You will now sketch out the actual shape and form of the pencil, as well as draw in the metal band that holds the eraser on the top part of the wooden stick.


That's it. You are already at your last drawing step. Draw the shape of the pencil tip and then color in the graphite, and then draw a middle line for the design that will help make your pencil look circular. Erase the guidelines and shapes that you    


Here is your finished drawing and now you can color it in. Use your imagination and customize your pencil like you where chosing one in the store to buy. Join me again folks for another fun filled lesson.

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January 19, 2010

Description: Sketching, drawing, painting, coloring, and anything else that has to do with drawing art, can only be done when sketched out first in most cases. As I browsed through the site I realized that I didn't have a tutorial that taught all you artist out there “how to draw a pencil, step by step”. Now, there really isn't a whole lot one can say about a pencil except, they are writing tools that help you jot stuff down, complete your homework, make measurements on wood and other hard surfaces. They are also used by teachers, students, moms, dads, and even contractors. When you think of a pencil the first thing that comes to mind is a yellow cylinder shaped piece of wood, that is nowadays filled with a mixture of graphite and clay that leaves behind a gray to black mark on your paper, or other surfaces. Along with the design of a pencil is a small, usually pink colored eraser. The eraser is used to rub out mistakes made by the pencil. Now I know this construction seems good and all but, did anyone ever wonder when the pencil was first created and used? It is thought that it all started back in the 1500's sometime, in Cumbria, England. An extremely large deposit of graphite was found when travelers where going to Grey Knotts. Soon after the discovery, people started finding that the graphite was a good marking tool for keeping track of sheep. Now because the graphite was dense, pure, and solid, it was very simple to turn the element into sticks. You see, the old myth that pencils where sticks of lead is not true. It was, and still is made from graphite. Time went one, and England began producing graphite sticks for all to buy to be used on paper for writing instead of pens. But still, the wooden casing hadn't been created. It was the Italians that thought of the idea for wooden holders to make-up the pencils design. Back then the pencil design was a flat piece of wood which was mainly used for carpentry. As time progressed, we now use these writing tools in everyday life, and they have become an absolute essential product used in almost every school in the world. Learning "how to draw a pencil", is going to be cool because you will be using a pencil much like the one you are going to be drawing. Have fun with this lesson by adding your name on the pencil, or even some Valentine hearts for the holiday coming up. I will be back in a bit with more tutorials for you all to enjoy. Peace people, and happy sketching!

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