How to Draw a Siren

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Draw a circle for the head, and then add the facial guidelines. Next, sketch out the shape of the torso, hips, and legs, and then the arms. Lastly, you will need to draw the outlined shape of the siren's wings.


Sketch out the shape of the face, and then begin adding the eyes, nose, and mouth. You will then sketch the beginning parts of the long hair style starting with the bangs, and top of the head shape.


Finish sketching in the pretty face, and then start drawing out her arms, hands, and then the harp as you see here. Since sirens sang on rocks, their instruments had to be small. Sketch out the beginning curvaceous line for the back, and then add som   


Here is where this lesson starts getting fun. You will sketch more of her hair, and then draw small wings on the sides of her head as you see here. Next sketch out a set of beautiful large wings. Be sure you take your time here because you want your    


Finish sketching her wings, and then add the detailing and definition. Once that is done you can then draw her other hand and detail the wooden side of the harp. Next sketch out the shape of her long legs, and hips, as well as the shape of the rock s   


This is your last drawing step. Just sketch in the top thigh line and then sketch out her arched foot. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.


Here you have a beautiful finished sketch of a siren. If you want you can draw two more and just color the shades of their hair different to have all three sisters. I hope you had fun, and be sure to join me next time.

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January 20, 2010

Description: I drew this tutorial live the other day, and I have to say, I think it came out awesome. Greek mytholigy is filled with tales, myths, and stories. Although all three of of those things I mentioned are virtually the same. Since there is a new movie coming out called “Clash of the Titans”, which is a remake of the original film from 1981, I wanted to draw one of the mythical creatures that will be a part of the story. During the first century, the Greeks believed that there where three dangerous bird woman that sat on an island called “Sirenum scopuli” which was on the ocean. These woman did only one thing, lure in mariners for destruction. These bird woman attracted sailors with their enchanting music, and hypnotic voices. Although it was originally thought that these beings where a trio, it was later believed that there was as many as five sea hags. Based on the mythical story I just told you, this lesson will teach you "how to draw a siren, step by step”. Sometimes mermaids are mistaken for sirens, as well as harpys. This is probably because they are similar in the aspect that they all are from, or hang around the ocean. Sirens are said to be bird woman because of their beautiful voices. From the waist up they have perfect feminine bodies, and enchanting faces. Some sirens have wings, and then again some don't. One this certain, these female creatures all sing, and play instruments especially the harp. As time progressed the description of the siren became more and more like a woman. Their songs would make men see them as regular females sitting on top of rocks as they sang and played their harps. But in all reality, the bodies where half bird, and half women. Poets would write about this fabled creature and talk of how they put the sailors to sleep with song, and then take their lives as they lay helpless. Even famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci spoke of these woman. He wrote “The siren sings so sweetly that she lulls the mariners to sleep, then she climbs upon the ships and kills the sleeping mariners”. I drew my Siren to look beautiful because that is how they sing. You can change the color of your figures hair if you like, that is totally up to you. You will be thankful later when Clash of the Titans is released, and you already know “how to draw a siren” because you got a head start. I have more to upload so keep your eyes peeled to see what pops up next!

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