How to Draw a Pac-Man Ghost, Pinky

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Make a regular circle for your body guide, then sketch in a single facial guideline.


You will now draw a rounded body that has a wavy lined bottom. This is the ghost's body.


Next, draw in two big eyes, then a simple mouth shape.


Lastly, draw out the eyeballs, and color in the pupils. I doubt you made any mistakes but if you did, erase them now.


Here is Pinky when you're done. Now that you have drawn one Pac-Man ghost, you can draw them all.

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October 26, 2012

Description: Why haven't I made a lesson on the Pacman ghosts before? I have no idea but I do now. This tutorial will show you "how to draw a Pacman ghost", step by step. For those of you that all ready know, Pac-Man is one of the oldest video games that millions of people have played at least once in their lifetime around the world. There is a total of four ghosts and they all have names. The one you will draw today is actually called Pinky. His counterparts are Blinky, Inky, and Clyde. Blinky is the red ghost, Inky is the blue ghost, and Clyde is the orange colored ghost. At one point they made a cartoon series based on Pac-Man. I don't know how that went, but I'm sure it did well for a little while. Anyways, as you can imagine this lesson is super easy, which means you will be done in a flash. I had a lot of fun drawing a Pacman ghost because it brought me back to the past when I was a kid. Enjoy people and be sure to leave a comment or rating. Peace!

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