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How to Draw a Monster

Artist: Dawn / October 15, 2010
How to Draw a Monster

Step 1.

First, quickly sketch out the preliminary basis for your creation. This is a very important step when drawing something in general. Ideas cycle through your brain quickly and it's an ideal suggestion to swiftly jot them down. Here, you see is my roug   

Step 2.

Here is an essential part for ANY drawing that significantly relates to 'figures'. Like animals, people, creatures, and other moving objects, there is a figure that glues the structure. What you see here is the 'line of motion' which depicts the acti   

Step 3.

Customizing a creature can be difficult as well as essential to creating a memorable monster. Using patterns and other various markings, will only spruce up the design, reeling forth the viewer's attention. Observe the different patterns and designs    

Step 4.

A VERY important part of an artist's vocabulary, is to UNDERSTAND the correct concept of the 'light source'. This will guide the drawing into more realism and interest. You don't want a monster with a ridiculous point of light source. Here, you can s   

Step 5.

Alright, for drawing this creature you see in the main preview image, you'll want to start off with the foundation. This is indeed important, it will help build the overall creature. Notice I am only using shapes and a sense of a 3-D look to some of    

Step 6.

Next, draw the frame of the body. Right now, we're just worrying about the bulk so it's much easier to proceed onto further details. Work from the head and onto the rest of the body. I'd consider to take your time with complex designs such as these.

Step 7.

Then, move onto other essential details that act as a basis. The large spade horns is considered a part of the body's base. Work on the spaced apart fingers that will hold the curved talons. Make sure you evenly separate them as it can get a bit mess   

Step 8.

Next, add a few more details that is less prominent. The talons should be worked on with a swift force of your drawing utensil. Curves are easy to flunk up so it's best to swiftly draw curvy lines.

Step 9.

Here's a load to handle. What I do, is basically fill in little details that gradually build up the monster. Adding scales, patterns, creases in the skin, defining lines on the base of the head, gills, and other necessary details will add character t   

Step 10.

Lastly, your finished product should resemble this. Add shadows and remember, your light source to build the ultimate monster! By adding shadows beneath the body, will mold it's presence into the world. Every detail definitely counts when you're buil   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 15, 2010
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Description: It all started off as a measly sketch that looked very weak and lacking interest upon it's design. I was listening to my all time favorite band, 'Pink Floyd' and started to mold on detail upon detail into this ridiculous design. With a few hours of drawing and careful detailing, I created something very much pleasing in my eyes. When you want to learn β€œhow to draw a monster, step by step”, you'll want to think of things outside the box. Observe and brainstorm other creatures, animals, objects, or anything that inspires you. By constantly tasting new things and experiencing the unknown, you'll be able to expand your creativity. I know you want to β€œdraw a monster”, that's why you came here. In this lesson, I give you unique tips that will aid you into your future monster drawings. View other masterpieces you adore by other artists and steal little ideas you find interesting to you. By all means, this does not mean copy a design nor style. You want to flourish your imagination to creating a very unique monstrous concept. The drawing was done I my favorite program, 'Paint Tool Sai'. It gives you a very unique experience when using a drawing tablet. I only recommend this program if you have a tablet to create digital art. However, you're probably stuck with a pencil, so my advice would to prepare yourself with a pencil, clean sheet of paper, eraser, and a tool for shading. Everything in life has shades to it, as well as highlights. It recommend to practice theory on the 'light source' aspect as well as perspective and proportioning. My main ideas for this monster was mended with a snake, crab, bird, and crustacean for the build. I hope you'll enjoy this tutorial and actually learn something from it. Thanks so much for viewing this on β€œhow to draw a monster”!