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How To Draw A Minecraft Enderman

Artist: Liz_Earle / July 27, 2013
How To Draw A Minecraft Enderman

Step 1.

Okay, To start off with draw a square (so far all of my tutorials start with a square 0_0) for the head.

Step 2.

Draw a rectangle underneath the head for the slender body.

Step 3.

Draw two smaller rectangles underneath it's body for the legs.

Step 4.

Draw two other rectangles either side of the body for the arms.

Step 5.

Now draw a rectangle rougly in the middle of the head to make sure the eyes are the same size.

Step 6.

draw two smaller rectangles inside the visor-like frame.

Step 7.

Now erase the middle of the two rectangles revealing the two eye shapes

Step 8.

Now draw two squares inside the eyes for the pupils.

Step 9.

Congratulations! You've finished your enderman...

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Artist: Liz_Earle
Date Added: July 27, 2013
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Tags: how to draw minecraft
Description: I'm sure you guys have heard of the Enderman? If not, lets just say they are tall, dark figures that love to pinch your blocks! Never ever have a staring contest with one of these guys, It will end horribly...