How to Draw a Lionfish, Lionfish

Artist: Dawn / February 26, 2018

Step 1.

Start by making a circle for the head and then draw in the slightly arched face guide like so.

Step 2.

Here you will begin sketching out the actual face structure of the lionfish. Take your time so it all comes out looking great. Incorporate the spikes with the lining because these spiked fins make up the fish's body. These spikes are known as the dor   

Step 3.

You will continue by drawing out the pectoral fins which in this case are expanded outward. These fins are not venomous. Once the fin is drawn in, you can draw an eyeball, and then draw the mouth.

Step 4.

The next step is to finish off the lionfish's body and you will do this by first drawing out the pelvic fin spines, and anal fin spines. All these fins are also venomous, but the caudal fins are not. Once you are all done, you can begin cleaning up t   

Step 5.

Take your time as you begin drawing out the stripes all over the lionfish. This includes the head, face, and all the fins. The fish should be covered in stripes, even the eyeball.

Step 6.

Here is your what your lionfish comes out looking like when you are all done. Now you can go ahead and choose the shade you want, and color in it. Great work people!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 26, 2018
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Description: Here is another cool animal that lives in the sea that has been popular for ages. I honestly can’t believe that I never made a tutorial based on this fish species. They are remarkable in color and in design, and they have a personality all of their own due to their beautiful but intimidating looks. Here is "how to draw a lionfish", step by step. These amazing looking fish have the markings they do for a reason. They use their camouflage looks to stalk and capture their prey. When a lionfish is ready to attack, they open up their mouths until their jaws open to the size needed to feed on their victim. The jaws open very quick, and close just as swift. Lionfish live in tropical waters along the Pacific and Indian oceans. Even though this is where their natural habitat is located, lionfish have also been found in the Atlantic Ocean which is nowhere near their tropical waters. Unlike other water fish, lionfish stay close to coral reefs as well as shallow bay waters. Their lifespan ranges between five to ten years, and they feed on things like shrimp, crabs, and other small fish. An interesting fact about lionfish is that all their prickly spines are extremely venomous which means they have very little predators. These beautiful, yet dangerous fish are relatives to other venomous fish like the scorpionfish. You may have seen this fish species in the movie ‘Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo’. It is the fish that Antoine takes pride in, and one of the most expensive fish that Deuce has to replace from being chopped up in a blender. Anyways, this might be a complex fish to draw, but if you follow the steps I feel confident that you will be able to tackle drawing a lionfish. I shall return folks with some more cool aquatic life so stay tune in if you can.