How to Draw a Leopard

Artist: Dawn / January 6, 2008

Step 1.

First make a perfect circle for the face of the leopard, then draw a rough sketch of his body. This is the beginning of it's frame.

Step 2.

Next add a backwards 9 shape for the hind leg and a single line shape for the front leg. Those two ball looking shapes are going to be the cats mouth. I know it looks odd.

Step 3.

See how the face already looks cool. Add the ears, eyes, and bottom half of his mouth. We are also going to make those lines look like legs by sketching out the bottom of the front leg and the top part of the hind leg.

Step 4.

Sketch out the front leg in the back and give the cat his bottom part of hi hind leg. As you can tell I had some trouble getting his tail right. My hand just seemed like it could draw nice even lines in photoshop. It's a lot easier to draw by hand th   

Step 5.

You can start sketching out the paws and finish off the hind legs some more too. Move onto his face and give him his whiskers and his definition on the top of his head. You do this by just adding some simple lines.

Step 6.

At this point your almost done. If you want to go ahead and start cleaning up your sketch by erasing unwanted lines feel free. Some simple additions are left like the nails and toes.

Step 7.

That's it your don all you need to do is take the time and draw his spots. Remember the leopards spots are not uniform, everyone is different. Some are smaller then others and some are a bit bigger then others too. The spots on a leopards face get re   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 6, 2008
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Description: What's up again people. As part of this tutorial I will be providing some brief information on the Leopard, as well as show you "how to draw a leopard". As many of you know Leopards are part of the big cat family. Oddly this cat is a predominately nocturnal and prefers to be in solitude. Every leopard has its home on top of other surrounding leopard tribes. A leopard cub is born with either two or three siblings. Cubs are not born with their spots, they have a smoky gray coat. Leopards are probably the most elusive predators in the big cat family. They eat everything from rodents to baboons. In this tutorial I try my best to show you how to draw a leopard step by step. This sketch took me approximately three weeks. That was due to the fact I didn’t draw it on a constant basis. I drew bits and pieces over a three week time frame. I think it came out decent though. I took the time to color it in Photoshop to give the leopard more character. I made a few mistakes I noticed after the whole drawing was done in Photoshop. I don’t know if the hind foot came out like that because I colored it or because I messed up the lining. I had to look at a picture of a leopard while I sketched it out. Sometimes I think my sketches look way better in raw form then they do in a finished format on the comp. I think I’m gonna try just scanning in my sketches and don’t color them just tutorialize them as a sketch instead. Anyway I hope you like the leopard at least you don’t have to figure out how to do the line work, that’s already figured out in the tutorial. Peace