How To Draw A Snake, King Cobra

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First lets start off by drawing an oval circle. This will be that snakes head. Then draw a long squiggle line for the body frame.


What you do in this part is sketch out the lines for his lower body and start to add some shape to his head.


As you can see it is starting to look like a snake. The definition that you drew in the previous step was the outline for his mouth being open. The snake kinda looks like a tad pole right now. Draw out his eyes and fangs in this step.


Put some more lining to the body and move onto the next step.


This is one of the longest parts of the sketch. You have to sit there and draw each individual lines on his underbelly. Move up to the mouth and sketch out his breathing tube.


In this step your going to take even more time drawing all those little circles on the snakes entire body. Remember the scales should be uniform except when you move up to the head. This part of the sketch took the most time for me.


That's it your done. All that's left to do is erase the sketch lines and color if you want to.

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January 6, 2008

Description: The King Cobras Profile is breathtaking. This particular reptile is so intimidating it can actually stand up and look you in the eye. When he does, you know he means business. The King Cobra is one of the venomous snakes alive on the planet. King Cobras reach about 18 feet in length which equals the longest venomous snake around. One of the most intimidating things about this particular snake is its iconic hood. This is the part of the snake that flares when they are confronted. They also release a chilling hiss while in that state that resembles the sound of a dog growling. The Cobra has a life span in the wild of 20 years. An interesting fact about their venom is that it is used in some pain relievers and arthritis medication. Believe that. In this tutorial I try and show you "how to draw a snake", with a few steps. The actual line art looks better than it being colored. I did have a difficult time sketching out the scales and the amount of detail in actual head of the snake. My online tutorial makes drawing a snake a lot easier because you don’t have to figure out how to draw it, all you have to do is follow the directions. I know there are some flaws but that is okay you can learn from my mistakes. Have fun and you don’t even have to color him. Before I go I would like to mention that this sketch only took me 4 hours to draw. I should’ve took a little more time with it I know.

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