How to Draw a Key Tattoo

Artist: Dawn / June 26, 2017

Step 1.

Start with a single straight slanted line line so.

Step 2.

Up next, draw the tip of the skeleton style key. These shapes from these types of keys are usually square in style. Add the upside down looking gap in the center.

Step 3.

for the step of the key you will use the straight line guide you made in step one to use when you write the inscription 'My Heart' in cursive writing.

Step 4.

Next, draw the top part of the key in a very Victorian style design.

Step 5.

Lastly, color in your key when you have erased the mistakes and single guideline.

Step 6.

That's it. This is how the drawing comes out when you are all done. Just add a background, some color or just take the finished image to your local tattooist.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 26, 2017
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Description: I have just been in a good, weird, tattoo drawing mood today and for some extra inspiration I came across some actual already inked tattoos on words. I found this interesting concept that had a very distinct style to it. So distinct that I couldn't find another one like it. The design of the original key and word are different than the one I made for you. Here is my way to show you how to draw a key tattoo, step by step. My key has the inscription 'my heart' which basically completes a sentence by using an image to represent the first word. In this care the words should read 'Key to my heart'. I love how it came out. It's so sweet and feminine making it scream sincerity. I do think that people will like this concept so please enjoy drawing this key tattoo. I shall return with more tuts so try and stick around.