How to Draw a Fairy

Artist: Dawn / January 30, 2017

Step 1.

First like always start off with the basic sculpture lines for the head and body. Then we move over to the right side of the lining and draw a packman like shape with a small circle. This is the frame for her right arm and elbow. On the left side, sk   

Step 2.

We can start shaping her face. Now I had her with some bangs but if you like you can just make a straight pulled back look, or her hair can just flow over her shoulders. It's just a matter of preference. Make two small oval shapes for her eyes, an ob   

Step 3.

We are going to start shaping her waist and adding the detailing for her top and her collar bones. Add the ear that almost looks like an elves ear, and shape her eye brows too.

Step 4.

Draw her wings, if you know how to draw a butterfly then you can draw her wings. It's almost like drawing half shaped hearts. Also make the detailing for the shirt, socks, her bottom and add the lining detail in her hair.

Step 5.

You can shape the wings to anything you want. Use your imagination to create any unique sketch. As you can see I put two roses in her hand and a rose in her hair, but you don't have to add that if you don't want.

Step 6.

The last step of course is to clean up your sketch and splash her with your own color. She looks good doesn't she. I love her

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 30, 2017
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Description: This is my version of a mischievous fairy. I read the definition of a fairy that's posted here. I also noticed there is no tutorials of any fairies, so here is my depiction on "how to draw a fairy". So me being a user and all I just had to put my version of a fairy up. This tutorial is pretty simple. The colors are optional, you can color her any way you like. I used a pencil in the original sketch and like always I had an extra eraser on hand. The line art of the fairy is basic. A lot of sketching because of the detail I put into her. After I was finished with the final sketch, I scanned the art into my comp and used adobe photoshop to do all the coloring. But you can use colored pencils to color your own sketch if you don't have a scanner. Well I hope you like her, I think she is beautiful.