How to Draw a Sheep

Artist: Dawn / March 19, 2011

Step 1.

This is a quick sketch of two different sheep heads from the side view. What I want you guys to notice is the different ears. Certain species of sheep have either long hanging floppy ears, or erect ears. The choice is yours when it comes to creating    

Step 2.

Here I drew three different views of a sheep hooves. The first hoof to the left is a view of the sheep's foot from the back view. The middle hoof is what it looks like from the front view, and the last hoof is a sheep foot drawn from 3/4 view.

Step 3.

Lastly, this is an example sketch of a sheep drawn from the side in a pose to suggest that the animal is eating. The neck is slouched downward, and the legs are also in a slow walking stance. When grass grazing animals eat, they move along very slowl   

Step 4.

Now let's start this tutorial by drawing out the peanut shaped head, and then draw a much larger shape for the body of the sheep. Since we are drawing a sheep fully coated with wool, the animal will appear to be large.

Step 5.

Okay, sketch out the actual shape of the head like so, and then draw in the large ears. The ears look a lot like horns at this point, but in later steps they will turn out to look like ears.

Step 6.

As you can see the face of a sheep is a very simple looking concept to draw out. Sheep have eyes that are spaced pretty far apart. Tackle this drawing by starting each eye at the edges of the sheep's head or face like you see here. Once you have draw   

Step 7.

Now you will have fun sketching out a good portion of the sheep's wool covered body. You can do this by using a curl stroke that will make the initial outline of the body appear to be full. Sketch out the top of the head, neck, chest, back, and back    

Step 8.

Now it's time to draw in the belly, and then the hind legs or thighs. Once that is complete, you can sketch in a small puff like shape for the animals tail, and then sketch in some body detailing and texture definition.

Step 9.

Almost done guys! All you need to do here is draw in the rest of the sheep's legs and as you can see the hoof lining is already drawn in for the next step.

Step 10.

Now just finish off the feet, and start erasing the lines and shapes that you drew in the beginning tutorial step.

Step 11.

Look how awesome the sheep is now that you are all done. Just go ahead and color it in. Remember, sheep can be colored tan, brown, white, spotted, or all black. Thanks for joining me with this tutorial on how to draw a sheep.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: The sheep is a cute farm animal that always reminds me of childhood. In this description I will give you a little 411 on this domestic sheep, and when I'm done you can get busy with the tutorial to teach yourself "how to draw a sheep", step by step. Most people have no idea where sheep really came from and how long the have been around. All folks really know about them is that we use them for their fleece and we see them in farms. To start, the Domestic sheep were one of the earliest farm animals to be cultivated. They have also been raised in many breeds for their wool, edible flesh, or skin. Leather is also made from the skin of one of these animals. The sheep is also the Zodiac symbol for Aries. A female sheep is called a β€œEwe” and they can weigh anywhere between 100-220 pounds. The male sheep are called β€œRams” they come in a bit larger then the ewe with weights up to 350 pounds. Sheep do come with horns depending on the breed, and also come in different colors like, white, brown, and black. Sheep are very docile animals that get along well with there breeders or other outsiders. It's also nice to know that they are one of the reasons that we have clothing on our backs, especially during the winter season. This tutorial will tech you "how to draw a sheep". All I used to draw him was my pencil for the sketching and line work. You should also have a big pink soft eraser for cleaning up your drawing. Have fun and I hope I provided some fun information on one of our oldest animals in the world.