How To Draw A Dragon Body For The Mercenary Dragon

How To Draw A Dragon Body For The Mercenary Dragon
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First start off by drawing out the guidelines and shapes for the dragons body. Start by drawing a small circle for the head and then a larger circle for the torso. From those shapes draw out the guidelines fro the arms, spine, and legs.


Now what you are going to do is start drawing out the shape of his head and body as you see here. Start at the head and work your way down until you come to a complete sketched out step. The easiest part to this step is all of it. It really isn't tha   


Next what you are going to do is start sketching the shape of his back and sketch out the spikes along is body where you see them. After you are complete with this step move to the next you are almost done.


This is the last and final step as you can see you will have to sketch in last minute details and definition as shown. These details lie on the head, shoulders, legs, and tail. After you are done erase all the guidelines you drew in step 1.


This is what your finished drawing of a dragon should look like when you are totally finished. That will do it on this tutorial on how to draw a dragon body for the mercenary dragon.

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May 8, 2008

This is the mini version of the Mercenary dragon I told you about. As you can see from the sketch he is quite tall and has the appearance of a dinosaur when he is standing or in movement. This is because of the mutated gene that he has flowing through his blood stream. Look at his face and you can see it in better perspective. He almost looks like a bat in the face or a French mastiff. Under his jaw he has a few layers of extra tissue hanging this is so the dragon is able to turn his neck very loosely to catch prey or to scratch the spiked plated armor on his back. The dragons arms are sort of short and his tail really isn't that long, but his grip is incredibly powerful. I hope this brief description gives you a better idea on what this dragon looks like with his head fully extended and his body in full length. You will also learn how to draw the dragon body, dragon arms, and dragon legs all in one. Well I'm off to bigger and better things now. I came, I drew, I conquered. I'm only playin.

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