How to Draw a Dandelion

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Start with a circle for the bloom, and then draw the stem and leaf lines.


Begin drawing out the strand like petals starting from the center, and work your way out. The tips are notched as you can see here.


Continue to draw out the flowers bloom until it looks full, and alive. Also, start the lining for the stem right under the flower.


Next, draw the stem, and then the big leaves on the sides. The leaf to the left is uneven instead of smooth.


For your last drawing step, all you need to do is add some definition and detail to the leaves. Erase the lines and shapes you drew in step one, and your done.


Now you can start coloring in your dandelion using only a yellow and green coloring tool.

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June 10, 2010

Description: Well, this is going to be the sixth lesson of the day that I will be uploading, and this time it is going to be the second installment on the three flowers that I have in store for you. So far, I submitted the rosebud, and now I will show you "how to draw a dandelion", step by step. An interesting fact about these flowers, is how they look so much like the catsear flower which is actually known as a flatweed. This is the common weed that you see scattered on overgrown lawns across the globe. Did you know that the catsear is actually considered to be edible? It's true. This flatweed is completely edible, which means you can eat not only the bloom, but the entire plant as well. You can even pull out the root, roast it, and grind it to make a coffee substitute. But that is all nonsense because we are not drawing the catsear today. We are going to be drawing it's twin, the dandelion. How can you tell if the flower in question is a dandelion or a catsear? Well, in the center of a catsear, there is a bulb like center. In the dandelion, there is not. Dandelions also turn into parachute balls. This is the frail looking white flowers that float away when blown on. Many people make a wish before they blow the soft petals away. Dandelions are also considered to be weeds too, but there are some people that think these pretty vibrant yellow blooms, make nice additions to a lawn. Anyway, this lesson is going to be easy. All you have to do is read the instructions, and follow the steps. I hope you have fun learning "how to draw a dandelion", step by step. I might return later on, or I may just finish working on some sketches. Either way, I will upload what I have left today or tomorrow. Peace out people, and remember to keep having fun as you draw.

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