How to Draw a Cool Car

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This first step should come out looking like a flat footed shoe. Draw the oblong shape for the cars body, and then another rounded top for the roof, and windows.


We are going to begin from the top, and work our way to the bottom. What you want to do first is sketch out the roof, and the windows. Along with that draw the window framing for the passenger side door, and then draw the tail fin.


Slowly start sketching out the shape of the Mustang's car body. Draw the notches for the wheel wells, and then draw the lining and border for the front bumper or the whole front end.


Detail and define the door window framing, and hen draw the side molding on the passenger side. Draw the door handle, and side mirror. You will then add lining to define the back end of the car and the hood scoop as well.


Draw the beginning lines for the wheels, and then finish the hood lining, and hood scoop. You will then draw the hood vents near the windshield, and then some windshield wipers. Draw the nose of the car, and then draw the headlight holes, and headlig   


It's now time to finish this fast car off. ll you need to do is draw in the rim lines, and then draw the rims. Next, draw the reflector, and front blinker. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.


This is what your car looks like when you are done. All you need to do now is color it in any shade you like. The cool thing about the Ford Mustang is, they come in all different types of colors, and they are not that expensive to buy. Hope you had f   

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June 7, 2010

Description: I am very excited to be uploading this second lesson because its going to be on a car that was part of my life growing up as a child. The infamous Ford Mustang Gt is probably one of the more popular sports cars on the market today. The very presence of one of these cars always says something about the individual behind the wheel. Nowadays we see a lot of 1999-2000+ models that glide on the streets and highways of our hometowns. Back when I was seven years old, the type of sports cars that flooded the streets was 1986 Mustang Gts. It was so annoying back than because everywhere you turned your head there was someone driving a Mustang. You would think that only teen aged kids, young adults, and middle aged people would be interesting in getting there hands on one of these cars right? Well that was totally not the case than, and that's totally not the case now. I say this because I even saw old people, men and women alike, driving this awesome, small but loud vehicle. That is what this lesson is going to be based on, one of the coolest cars that are not only small, but they are very fast too. This lesson will show you "how to draw a cool car", step by step. I figured that a perfect car to make a lesson out of, should be one that is actually fast in real life. Not only that but, I thought it would also be kind of unique to use an 86 Mustang Gt as a refference picture. If you like drawing cars, you will love this tutorial. I will be back real soon so try and stick around. Adios amigos!

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