How to Draw a Collie


Start this step by drawing two shapes, one for the head, and one for the body. Add some guidelines for the face, and draw a connecting line for the neck.


All you have to do here is begin sketching out the shape of the dog's face starting with the snout, and cheek. Once that is done draw arches for the eyes.


Okay, continue to draw in the dogs face by coloring inside of the eyes. Once that is done sketch in the creases between the eyes which also form the expressive face. You will then need to draw the nose, and add all the detailing as well.


As you know collie's have long, soft coats that fills their bodies. The faces are no different. When you start this step you must sketch out the entire head shape in a way to show how long the hair is. Use strokes that has waves, slopes, and pieces.    


As you can see your Collie is coming along nicely. All you need to do here is use soft strokes with your pencil to sketch out the outline of the dog's body starting with the neck and back. Once that is done, sketch in the lining that will form a hair   


Here you have to start drawing in the two front legs, and be sure to get the paws sketched out nicely as well. Add some coat detailing, and then move along to step seven.


All you need to do here is begin sketching out the back legs and paws. The stomach lining should also be drawn in and when you're done be sure to add some long pieces of thick hair along the stomach line. Add detailing to the body and move along.


Last step is simple and to tell you the truth I should have included it with the previous step. All you have to do is sketch in or draw out the tail. It too should be hairy since the collie is a long haired dog. Once that is done you are ready to cle   


Once everything is cleaned up nicely, your drawing should look as good or better then the one you see here. Great work guys, now get busy coloring in your new Collie dog.

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July 22, 2009

Description: Well, I’m back again with another drawing tutorial and this time it’s going to be on a household animal that a lot of people own. I will be showing you “how to draw a collie”, step by step. This collie was requested by a member, and believe it or not but, this tutorial was actually finished a while ago, I just never uploaded it until now. The collie I drew is also in cartoon format because I know it must be a lot easier for you guys to draw cartoon style characters and animals than real animals like the German Shepherd, or Pitbull tutorial I have. I like the way the collie came out and I also made sure that the steps are easy to follow and understand. Do you remember the collie’s name that became insanely popular in the fifties and who is also known as the worlds most famous dog? Well if you like to watch old movies like myself, you should know that Lassie is the worlds most popular dog and he also happens to be a collie. Collie’s are sheep dogs and they are very beautiful when looked upon. A collie may not be your ideal pet breed, but just looking at one of these dogs close up will actually make you want to own one because they are that beautiful. Along side the Lab or Golden retriever, a collie is a dog that is very sensitive, bright, sweet, kind, and very loving. They are also very loyal and easy to train dogs. Did you know that the collie is such a devoted dog to his owners that they will literally find their families if accidentally left behind? It’s true, there was an incident where a collie traveled one thousand miles to find his family. This pretty breed makes a wonderful pet for children. There is so much more to say about the collie, bit I will leave you to the tutorial instead. It is now time that you learn "how to draw a collie", step by step. I will be back in a while with more drawing fun so stay tuned in for more on the way. Bye, bye kiddies.

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