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How To Draw A Chibi Kyuubi

Artist: HyuuxJu_tan / August 11, 2012
How To Draw A Chibi Kyuubi

Step 1.

Draw a circle.

Step 2.

Draw the pattern same like the picture to draw it`s face.

Step 3.

Draw it`s ears.

Step 4.

draw it`s nose (small triangle)

Step 5.

Draw it`s body.

Step 6.

Draw it`s fur.

Step 7.

Draw the line like the picture to make it`s tail.

Step 8.

Draw it`s tail.

Step 9.

Now draw the rest of it`s tail.

Step 10.

Draw it`s eye and mouth.

Step 11.

Finally, you can colour it.

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Artist: HyuuxJu_tan
Date Added: August 11, 2012
Steps: 11
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Tags: draw foxes
Description: This is my very first tutorial...^^ so this tutorial can teach you how to draw a chibi kyuubi. The kyuubi looks different than the other kyuubis. So.. Hope you like my kyuubi and my tutorial. Thanks & Enjoy!!