How to Draw a Celtic Heart Knot


A heart knot is just what the name suggests- a heart! Sketch out a heart and where the two ends meet at the top, bring both sides down and together to form a diamond.


Using the lines for the diamond, make three interlocking lines as shown in blue. All three of them should be slight curved.


Outside the heart you drew in the first step, sketch in another heart. This time, when the two lines meet in the middle at the top, the line on the right goes straight down to the first heart and the line on the left stops at the line on the right. I   


Remember the lines you just drew on the inside of the heart? Now you finish them by continuing on the same lines until you form three arrow-like points. On each one of them, only the line on the right should overlap the heart in the center. When you    


What you are left with should look like this. But, do you see those lines that I highlighted in red? Those are the lines you'll need to erase to complete the infinity chain. With them still there, the heart knot is broken and doesn't run on infinitel   


When you erase all the red lines, this is what you are left with. Just make sure there are no breaks in the lines and that none of the lines are perfectly straight and you are totally finished! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial on how to draw a celtic h   

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August 9, 2009

Description: All celtic designs are known for two things: they run on infinitely using a single line and they are intricate. Most celtic designs look dreadfully intimidating to make. But, when you take it easily step-by-step, it really isn't all that hard to draw. This heart knot that I will be teaching you how to draw is fairly simple. Beginners will definitely be able to do it but, as for any artist, experienced or not, it will take a bit of determination and time. But nonetheless, this is a beautiful piece of celtic art for all to experience. Enjoy!

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