How to Draw a Butterfly on a Flower, Butterfly and Flower

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Start your first step by making a small circle for the head of the butterfly, then draw out the long wormy looking body.


Next, draw in the antenna, then draw the eyes, as well as the legs and spots on the body.


Since the butterfly is being drawn from the side all you have to do is draw out the butterfly wing design. Choose the type if style you want for the wings.


sketch in the design pattern on the wings, then you can add more tweaks if you like.


Continue to work on the butterfly by drawing out the rest of the pattern on the wings which also happen to be the small super thin veins.


lastly, draw out the flower. You can choose to go with any type of flower, but I chose to go with one shaped like a poinsettia. Add detailing to each visible petal before you start cleaning up the drawing freeing it from mistakes.


Here is what the butterfly looks like when you are done. Color it in and that's it. Wasn't that a fun drawing to create? Now you can show folks what you have done.

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July 29, 2012

Description: Hey guys, I hope you are all having fun with todays tutorials. Up next I have a really pretty lesson that will teach you guys "how to draw a butterfly on a flower", step by step. As you know I have drawn a lot of butterflies in the past so this one is no different. I actually had a pretty hard time trying to think what type of butterfly I wanted to draw on the flower. Ultimately I chose to go with a butterfly that looks a lot like the monarch. The flower is a pretty reddish orange, with various petals. As for the tutorial, it should be pretty simple to replicate because I made sure that the steps where drawn to be easy to follow. Well, I guess that's all. Drawing butterflies is always fun so have fun drawing a butterfly on a flower. Peace out and have fun!

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