How to Draw a Brontosaurus

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Start with drawing four circle shapes and then add the long curved vertical lines for the brontosauruses neck. Next draw more circle shapes for the mid part of the dinosaurs body and then add the legs and tail guidelines.


You will start drawing out the shape of the brontosauruses neck and body as well as it's tail. Next draw out the shape of the dinosaurs head and snout as seen here and then for the foot of the brontosaurus, add a line and three toe line.


Your already on the third step and what you will do next is sketch out the rest of the body shape of the brontosaurus. Draw out the bottom portion of the dinosaurs mouth and then add some skin detailing to make it's body look wrinkly. Add nails on th   


Here you will finish off the sketching of the brontosauruses body and then make sure that you add all the skin detailing and definition lines. Detail the head view, and then the foot. Erase all the guidelines that you drew in step one and proceed ont   


This is what your dinosaur should look like when you are done. Color in this fantastic animal and you are done learning "how to draw a brontosaurus/apatosaurus step by step"

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May 10, 2009

Description: Now that I have submitted some awesome requested tutorials today, I will end my submitting day with a lesson that I have always wanted to submit, "how to draw a brontosaurus step by step". The brontosaurus dinosaur is probably one of the most recognized and talked about of it's kind. Remember that animated cartoon movie called "The Land Before Time"? Well, the main character of the movie was in fact part of the brontosaurus family which belongs to the "sauropoda" family of dinosaurs. This species of dinosaur are known for their incredible size and harmless nature that is thought to have been the personality of any sauropoda. Three dinosaurs fall under this specie category; the brachiosaurus, diplodocus, and the apatosaurus. Now did you know that the brontosaurus was renamed to that of apatosaurus? It's true, the brontosaurus was misclassified and the misclassification was reported to the public. The name change really didn't effect the public and the public remained calling the extremely large dinosaur, a brontosaurus. Even the United States Post Office issued a dinosaur series of stamps and the four dinosaurs that they chose to use was the stegosaurus, tyrannosaurus Rex, pterandon, and the brontosaurus. Yes the post office knew that they used the wrong name for the two dinosaurs, but they said that because the general public recognized the brontosaurus for it's name, they would remain the way they are. These reptilian dinosaurs had incredibly long necks, and massive body mass. Because of the structure of the brontosaurus, physiologists have a hard time understanding how these animals were able to breath and how their heart sustained sufficient amounts of blood pressure to send oxygen to the brain. They grew to be anywhere between seventy to ninety feet long, ten to fifteen feet high, and weighed anywhere between thirty three and forty pounds. They lived during the Jurassic period and this dinosaur species have been seen in many movies on the big screen including "The Lost World" back in 1923. This tutorial will show you "how to draw a brontosaurus/apatosaurus step by step" I laid out the steps with multiple views so that you can get a good idea on what these animals looked like from different points of view. I shall be back tomorrow so stay tuned for another day of awesome tutorial submissions.

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