How to Draw a Blobfish

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Begin with a circle for the blobfish and then the facial guidelines.


Using the shape you made in step one, go ahead and draw out the actual body shape of the lobfish which is uneven, misshapen lines. Don't forget the flipper fins too.


We will use the facial guidelines to draw out the markings around the eyes and then the bulging eyeballs themselves. Color them in and add some wrinkling as well.


Draw that floppy nose which lays over the top part of the mouth and then draw the creases and large plump looking lips. Kind of looks like Squidward.


Finish the body with the rest of the fins and you're done. Erase the mistakes and guides too.


In the end your blobfish should look like the one you see here. Now it's time to color it in.

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July 21, 2020

Description: Before disgarding this image or lesson, I just want to say that this fish species is an actual fish and yes, they do look like sad old men. Today I will be showing you how to draw a blobfish, step by step and even though I never heard of these fish before until a couple weeks ago, the blobfish is a species that is quite docile and when in the water they have a totally different appearance. They are called blobfish because of how they look like blobs of slim with those circular shaped eyes and that loose looking nose hang. The lips are also puffed up making them look puckered and their bodies are so much bigger than their actual fins. I enjoyed drawing this blobfish only because I had fun recreating it into a lesson. I will be back with some other tuts so stick around.

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