How to Draw a Bleeding Heart

Artist: Dawn / November 17, 2008

Step 1.

As you can see you will start this first step with a very basic half heart shape. Once you do that just draw a bumpy line from the top to the bottom as shown. This is the beginning lines for the bandage.

Step 2.

In this next step you will draw out the other half of the heart shape as you see here and then add some tears or rips and make sure that they are exposed wounds. Draw more of the bandage as show to you here and make sure you make it look like one sid   

Step 3.

So what do you think so far is it pretty simple? Good, start this step by sketching in the detailing definition lines to make the bandage wrap look real and worn as seen here. Once that is done you will then add more rips or torn tissue on the top pa   

Step 4.

This is your last drawing step and what you will do here is add more detailing to the ripped heart tissue as seen. You will also detail the bandage some more as well and then you can move down to the next step. I would tell you to erase guidelines an   

Step 5.

Once you are done your drawing should come out looking like the one you see here. All you have to do now is color it in the way you want using any colors you want. That will do it for this tutorial on how to draw a bleeding heart step by step.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: November 17, 2008
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Description: Hello fellow members and visitors and welcome back to another drawing tutorial here on Yesterday when I submitted the lesson on how to draw a bloody skull, I mentioned that I was going to do a tutorial on how to draw a bleeding heart. As you know I always do what I say and whatever I say I do. This sketch of a bleeding heart took me three hours to draw, color and detail. At first I was going to make the heart a typical red color but then I thought, “There has to be some kind of symbolism in the sketch”. So what I did was color the heart a solid blue color which is supposed to symbolize a cold heart or heart of stone. Now the meaning behind a bleeding heart can vary with every person. In all reality a bleeding heart is in fact a flower native to Japan. They are absolutely beautiful to the eye and they really do look like hearts. The colors of these dainty flowers are often a rich pink and white and they have dew like drip looking petals that is connected to the pointed end of the heart shaped flower. That is an interesting fact huh? Anyways in mental aspect, a bleeding heart is meant to mean that that human heart is broken, torn, in pain, or suffering from loss of love. Even though the bleeding heart that I drew is blue, scared and torn, the bandages are supposed to represent the healing process which as you know can sometimes be very lengthily. I am very proud on how the heart design came out and I think that you all will love it as well. This tutorial will show you how to draw a bleeding heart step by step with detailed instructions. All you have to do is take your time and follow the steps as you see them. I will be back with more drawing fun in a bit but for now try this lesson out and tell me what you think.