How to Draw a Blackberry, Cellphone


First we'll start out with a flat rectangular box. This will be the base or frame for our picture.


Next we'll round off the sides and the edges since blackberry's have more of a rounded shape to them.


Now we'll add on the side buttons and ports. From top to bottom we have; headphone jack, micro usb port, mini sd port door(I think, don't hate on me if I got it wrong) and the volume buttons.


Then we'll map out the front of the blackberry. On the top we have the speaker, then it's the screen. In the middle we have the center buttons including, call, end call, menu and back. Under that we have the keypad.


Next we'll map out all the keys on the keypad. we'll also put in a line for where the speaker actually is and we'll put a dot on the bottom for the microphone. I don't know what the rectangle on the top right hand corner is for, but we'll add that to   


Now we'll put in all the text and such on the keys. It's somewhat laid out like a normal keyboard so it's a fairly easy process. The number keys go on the w, e, r, s, d, f, z, x, c keys along with the button next to the spacebar. On the center button   


And there you have it, how to draw a blackberry. I hope it was useful and that you all liked it.

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January 3, 2011

Description: I'm on a roll this week. Another tutorial already done for you and I still got others waiting in the wings. This time I'm going to show you how to draw a phone. To be more specific, "how to draw a blackberry phone'. I know that quite a few people have these and I kind of wish that I had one too. I just have a really crappy samsung flip phone, you know the ones you get with a prepaid plan.Anyways...Here we go now,let's get started. I hope that this tutorial will come in handy for you and don't forget to post your results, I can't wait to see them!

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