How to Draw Cows


First things first, we'll start off with the shape of the head. From the side of the head, unlike the front, the head is a triangular shape, coming to a rounded point at both the top of the head and the tip of the nose. From the front however, the he   


Next we'll look at the eyes. Their eyes always seem to look so sad. They are big and round and you rarely see the eye whites like you would on a person. Their eyes are normally a dark brown color and they do have long eyelashes as well.


Then we'll go to their ears. They are big and almost spoon-like, coming out from the side of the head and sticking back slightly.


This part is optional. You can add horns to your cow to make it a male, or a bull. The hors come out from the side of the head above the ears on the part of the skull that isn't as wide and they curve out, up and forward.


Onto the feet, or the hooves. Whichever you prefer. They are very much like those of a pig, They have two toes in front that are covered in what is much like our fingernails and then two protrusions from the back of the foot around the ankle.


Now that we have all that down, we can move on to putting all these things together and making us a cow. We're going to start with a frame. Most mammals like cows really don't have a around body shape, especially from the side. Their skeletal structu   


After we have that done we'll move onto the face. We'll make it look a little fuzzy since it's hair goes every which way.


Next we'll move onto the front of the cow's body, drawing out the shape of it's from leg and the muscle and skin that goes from it's neck down to it's collarbone. The skin is loose slightly and somewhat wrinkly.


Now onto the belly and the hind leg. The belly is a little rounded. And tucked back after the belly and between the legs is the utter. It's a round shape with a few protrusions coming out from it and it's very easy to draw. The kind leg comes back a   


Now we'll finished off the back and give our cow a tail. See how there is a part that comes up just a little past the middle of the back. That is actually part of the hip of the cow. The tail is long and has a tuft of longer hair at the end.


Then last but not least we'll draw the legs that are furthest from us and we'll add on the hooves.


And there you have it, a cow. You can add the grass if you want, they normally are out and about grazing to it might give the picture a better feel to it. I hope you enjoyed it and I can't wait to see yours.

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February 8, 2011

Description: Hey everyone. I know it's been quite a while since I last put anything up but I'm back now and I'll get right back into working. First off we've got a tutorial here on cows. I know they're smelly dirty things, but they really are a great animal. I remember driving around in Vermont, they were everywhere. So I'll show you how to draw this big gentle beast. I hope you all enjoy it and I can't wait to see yours so don't forget to put them up in the artwork section!

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