Hige From Wolfs Rain

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Start off by making a couple shapes. One for the head and another for the body. Sketch in the guidelines next for the face and limbs.


Up next, you can draw out the shape of the head which is almost like drawing the head of a German Shepherd. Add the ears and fluff around the whole side of the face. Also, draw in some of the back and shoulders.


We will now draw in Hige's face. Start with the detailing inside the ears first, then draw the shapes of the eyes. When that is done draw the snout and nose, then add some fluff on the face.


We will now draw Hige's collar. It shouldn't be too hard so get that done next.


The face and head is now done. Let us draw the thick front legs and big paws. When that is complete you can sketch in the chest fluff and some of the detailing/definition to the body.


The last drawing step consists of the hind legs, stomach, back and tail. Be sure to make the tail puffy and define the thighs. Erase those mistakes and guides.


Here is the line art for Hige when you are all done. Now just color in this Wolf's Rain character when completed.

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February 26, 2016

Description: In the past I have drawn and submitted a couple lessons on characters from Wolf's Rain so today I am back with more tutorials on some of the other characters. The ones I am uploading were actually requested by a few members so having said that, I will start with teaching you all how to draw Hige from Wolf's Rain. Now, Hige is a Mexican Wolf and he is a very carefree character with a pleasant personality. This lesson on drawing Hige shouldn't be too complex. Just take your time and be patient. I will return so stick around.

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