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Drawing a Guy Fawkes

Artist: moonwalkerz / April 9, 2015
Drawing a Guy Fawkes

Step 1.

Start by drawing the basic shape of the Mask, don't press to hard as this is just a guidline that will be erased later.

Step 2.

Now we add the rest of the guidlines.

Step 3.

Now, harden the lines but try to do it with minimal strokes.

Step 4.

All you have to do is color in all the black parts Eyes, Nostrils, Mouth and Facial Hair

Step 5.

This Step onward isnt required but just to make it look more realistic Add a very faint tone to the mask by shading the whole thing lightly and smudging it.

Step 6.

Ok so now we will start adding a light shade to it just follow the way i did it in the image

Step 7.

Continue doing the light shading. this is to give it an effect of depth

Step 8.

Now that the light shading is done you can start getting darker and darker.

Step 9.

After you finish shading you can either leave it as is or Continue to the next step.

Step 10.

Ok here we will add some highlights to make it just that little bit more realistic. And niw your done, You have drawn Guy Fawkes's Mask

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Artist: moonwalkerz
Date Added: April 9, 2015
Steps: 10
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Tags: how to draw masks
Description: I will be showing you guys how to draw Guy Fawkes's Mask