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Draw Luffy D Monkey

Artist: SpiderGirl13 / March 19, 2016
Draw Luffy D Monkey

Step 1.

First, start by sketching out Luffy's head, hat, and shoulder shapes. I recommend using an HB, 2B, or 4B for rough sketching. Remember, it's first sketch, it doesn't have to be perfect.

Step 2.

Sketch out the details of his head, neck, hat, and most importantly, the hair. ;) Put some details in that ear too.

Step 3.

Sketch out the Shoulders and clothes. And what in think are collar bones.

Step 4.

Okay, now let's give Luffy a face! Draw that big infamous toothy grin! Now draw the nose and eyes (if you are a good enough artist, you can change his eyes to be open if you want.) And to finish off the face add the scar under his left eye (YES, that   

Step 5.

Now if you did what I did, you should probably fix his chin before you ink him in. I used a Pigma Sensei Manga pen (1.0mm) But you can probably just use a Sharpie (Fine Point) Marker. Just make sure it doesn't bleed through the paper onto other Artwo   

Step 6.

You were done on step 5. But if you want to color him in, I'll tell you. I used colored Pencils (no brand in particular) I used the colors Red and Terra Cotta for Luffy's shirt and hat brim thing. I used Light Brown and normal Brown for his hat. And    

Comments (31)
KiritoShark · 5 years ago
Do you actually know what one piece is or what Luffy looks like. You should watch it sometime cause this obviously shows that you've never seen it.
SpiderGirl13 · 5 years ago
First of all! I have been reading the manga a lot recently! And that was my first tutorial. And I can't actually watch any of the Anime. I don't have access to it. So don't judge to harshly. :threaten: :evil: :drool:
KiritoShark · 5 years ago
sorry i understand. and hulu has all of one piece

PokeAisy · 5 years ago
Congrats, my child. You have done well. NOW HAVE A CHEESECAKE (hands you a Oreo Cheesecake)
SpiderGirl13 · 5 years ago
Thank You!! I worked on it for 5 hours last Saturday. And thanks for the cheesecake (the oreo ones are actually my favorite). ;p
PokeAisy · 5 years ago
You did so much well than what I would have done...I don't draw male characters as much. *pulls rope for a waterfall of oreo cheesecake*

Artist: SpiderGirl13
Date Added: March 19, 2016
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Tags: how to draw one piece characters, how to draw one piece
Description: Hi everyone! Today I'm going to show you how to draw Monkey D. Luffy from "One Piece." This my first tutorial, so I apologize for the poor picture quality. One Piece is a Graphic Novel about an Earth that is mostly covered in water, and basically ruled by pirates. Luffy wants to become "King of the Pirates," but there is one problem. He can't swim. Why? Because when he was a child, he accidently ate the Devil's Fruit which gave him the ability to stretch like Mr. Fantastic...At the cost of being able to swim. I have Just recently started reading Manga, and so far One Piece has been my favorite. I recommend this manga to anyone else who is looking for something to start reading. Hope you enjoy this tutorial! If you have any tutorial requests, please leave them down in the comments. Adios!