How to Draw Boa Hancock from One Piece


Start the first step with drawing the long parted bangs, then add the slant lined ends from the bangs.


Draw the face shape like so.


Next, draw the eyebrows, then draw the nose.


Here all you have to do is draw the thick eyelids, then add some lashes.


Draw the eyes to completion, then draw in the mouth. Be sure to add the bump to create a bottom lip. Also draw in the hair that comes from the base of her scalp.


We will draw in the snake style hoop earrings, then proceed to step seven.


Finish Boa off by drawing out the head shape and the length of her hair. Add the splits to the ends, and you are done.


If there were mistakes you should erase them now. Color her in and add this drawing of Boa to your art collection.

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August 27, 2014

Description: Here is another popular figure from Once Piece and I think she is recognized because she has a lot of sex appeal. Up next and for the last of the One Piece drawing tutorials, you will be learning "how to draw Boa Hancock", step by step. Her long black hair, odd snake shaped gold earrings all help give her that sex appeal. Drawing Boa should be pretty simple so if you are up for the task, you should have some fun. I will be back in a bit with two other tuts so stick around for more coming your way.

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