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Draw Jeff The Killer in Manga

Artist: Kakiarokuto10 / November 4, 2013
Draw Jeff The Killer in Manga

Step 1.

Draw this lines.

Step 2.

Then Draw the face and nose.

Step 3.

Now draw the mouth.

Step 4.

Erase all lines and draw the form of the eyes.

Step 5.

Draw this details on the eyes.

Step 6.

Now complete the eyes

Step 7.

Next, draw the neck like this.

Step 8.

Now, Draw some parts of the hairs like this.

Step 9.

And finally, draw the rest of the hair. Guala.

Step 10.

This part is only for the ones that doesnt like to scroll XD. Thanks for the attention.

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Artist: Kakiarokuto10
Date Added: November 4, 2013
Steps: 10
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Tags: how to draw memes, how to draw a meme, how to draw creepypasta characters
Description: Learn How to draw the MVP of Creepypasta, Jeff The Killer, in manga form.