How to Draw BEN Drowned

Artist: Dawn / July 26, 2013

Step 1.

Begin with two simple shapes and some facial guidelines. The shapes are for the head and torso.

Step 2.

You will then draw the facial structure for Ben's face, then draw in the parted hair.

Step 3.

Using the facial guidelines draw out the eyes, then draw the eyebrows and color them in. You will then draw the nose, along with the creepy shaped mouth. As you can see the mouth is in a diamond like shape and it is filled with small straight teeth.

Step 4.

Add detailing to the hair then draw Link or Ben's hat. Once that is complete, draw the elven shaped ears, and also detail them as well.

Step 5.

You are ready to finish this character by drawing the rest of the hat which rest behind the neck. Then draw the shape of the neck, followed by the shoulders and torso. Add detailing to create the arms. Erase the mistakes if you made any, then you are   

Step 6.

Here is how the line art looks for Ben Drowned. Now you can have fun coloring him in. Great work people.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 26, 2013
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Description: So this next character face has been getting requested like you wouldn't believe. I have to assume it's for good reason because I haven't a clue why Link's face in this creepy form would be so popular. Some folks call this face Ben Drowned, and then some (like my brother) will say that this is the form of Link in Majora's Mask. According to my brother, this is what happens when you summon the clone by playing the clone song. The clones allow you to retrieve the last mask in the Spirit Temple of the Majora's Mask video game. Now the Ben Drowned explanation is that there is a haunted cartridge for the Nintendo 64 game of Majora's Mask. The story that was posted by Jardusable told the tale on how he was given the game by an old man. When he went to go play the game in his collage dorm room, there was a save file that read 'Ben'. Instead of opening the file be ignored it and created a new one. Throughout the game play all the characters in the game called him 'Ben' instead of the name he used when he created the file. Long story short, he got sick of being called Ben and deleted the Ben file. When that happened the characters of the game didn't call him anything. He then used a cheat to which portaled him to the Boss of the game. In that board he noticed the music was being played backwards (which was the Song of Healing), and the text was all scrambled. Jadusable posted the game in play to Youtube to show folks that he had a haunted game. Whether it's true or not is up to the believer, or non-believer. Anyways, have fun drawing Ben Drowned. I will return shortly so stick around.