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Blue mlp

Artist: Tasey / August 12, 2014
Blue mlp

Step 1.

Draw a circle

Step 2.

Now draw the muzzle and ear

Step 3.

Then draw the mouth,nostril,and inner ear

Step 4.

Now draw the outside of the eye

Step 5.

After that draw the pupil

Step 6.

Now color the pupil in then draw the colored part of the eye

Step 7.

Then draw the colored part of the eye

Step 8.

After that draw the back part of the mane

Step 9.

Now draw the top part of the mane!!

Step 10.

Last but not even close to the least! Color it in!!! Yay your den!!!

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Artist: Tasey
Date Added: August 12, 2014
Steps: 10
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Views: 0 in last hour, 0 in last day, 6 in last week, 4677 total
Comments: 0
Description: A blue map with white hair and teal tips