anime wolf head

Artist: Tasey / February 19, 2015

Step 1.

first make a circle, then to the muzzle and fore head :3 p.s. sorry about this step, the circle is soppoused to be the first step before the head and muzzle.. but I accidently made it to one whole step ;3

Step 2.

than make the outside of the right ear

Step 3.

neow make the inner ear and the left ear :3

Step 4.

THE EASIEST STEP!! make the cheek fur X3

Step 5.

also make the front of the neck

Step 6.

AND THEN...... MAKE THE BACK OF THE NECK! :D and the nose :3

Step 7.

NEOW make the eye :0 and the mouth after

Step 8.


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Artist: Tasey
Date Added: February 19, 2015
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Description: a anime wolf head :3 to me it looks like a mountain due wolf X3