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Anime angel girl-Tut

Artist: kaya_chan / May 27, 2014
Anime angel girl-Tut

Step 1.

At first, You can draw a few guidelines to know where everything will be.

Step 2.

Create a layer for the lineart above the guidelines layer.

Step 3.

The linearting process

Step 4.

This is the final lineart. You can change a few things in the limeart , Like for example i deleted the dress

Step 5.

Create a coloring layer under the lineart layer

Step 6.

This is the coloring gradation I used for the skin

Step 7.

The face coloring

Step 8.

Shade the skin in places wgere you imagine shadows can be .Try to make a contrast by using light and dark gradiants of the same color

Step 9.

For the hair , Usually elves and angeks have shades of grey and punk or grey and blue /Blonde for the hair. So you can pick any light shade close to white-grey.

Step 10.

The hair

Step 11.

Make a lay "Colar" Under the coloring layer. This one is for her colar/ Neckwear.

Step 12.

Color the colar with grey and Use white dots on it.

Step 13.

Lowe the colar layer opacity so it seems like it's showing the skin

Step 14.

That's the final coloring for the colar.

Step 15.

As for the wings. Use the spray can tool or any big brush with low opacity (opacity

Step 16.

The final coloring for the character

Step 17.

I usually prefer making the background on an another layer

Step 18.

Make a layer for the wings above the bg layer and color the wings white

Step 19.

The drawing+wings

Step 20.

get to the wings layer And lower the opacity

Step 21.

The final colored drawing

Step 22.

You can add effects like sepia/Snow or both

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Artist: kaya_chan
Date Added: May 27, 2014
Steps: 22
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Description: I tried my best to make a decent tut . Hope you like.:D