Yor Forger, How to Draw Spy x Family


Go ahead and draw out the guidelines and shapes.


Here you will draw the shape of Yor's face.


Next, draw the strands of hair as well as her bangs, eyes, nose and mouth.


You will draw the shape of her head and finish the hair strand. You will also begin the drawing process of her ear.


Next, draw in her headband as well as the bun or hairstyle. You can then draw the rest of her ear, the earring and the shape of her neck.


Lastly, draw the shirt line and her pearl necklace. Erase the mistakes and guides.


This is what the finished drawing of Yor looks like when finished. Color her in.

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February 8, 2024

Description: Here there guys. Here is a lesson on how to draw Yor, from Spy x Family, step by step. I found a really pretty version of Yor to use as a reference to make this lesson for you all. I hope you like it. I have another lesson coming your way. Like, love, fav, comment, and SHARE!

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